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Learn Jewellery Design Course | CAD Designing Course | CAD Jewellery Designing Certification

Jewellery Design Course Overview This is a complete course for beginners who want to learn CAD Jewellery Designing basics. This course lays the base for the manual jewellery design and also teaches the knowledge from the computer software.

The process of learning how to design jewellery from scratch, along with the principles of implementation with computer-aided software allows students to create stunning designs.

CAD Jewellery Designing Course @ INR 16000 ( For 3 months)

The module of the Jewellery Design Course will cover

This course includes both jewellery design and computer-aided software, which allows students to use their imagination to create stunning designs that are expected to be sold in the marketplace. The course includes:

Matrix Designing Course @ INR 18000 ( For 3 months)

Career Opportunities after CAD Jewellery Designing Certification

This combination course opens the door to many possibilities in the area of jewellery design. A few of them are listed below:

Launchpad For Your Career In Gems & Jewellery

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Career Opportunities after CAD Jewellery Designing Certification

This combination course opens the door to many possibilities in the area of jewellery design. A few of them are listed below:

  • Hand Sketch Designer
  • Placement at famous jewellery houses
  • CAD Jewellery Designer
  • Assistantships in foundation institutes
  • Designer of jewellery for famous fashion houses
  • Designer to create custom jewellery for film

Become a Renowned Jewellery Designer

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Jewellery Design Graduate Manual

Do you want to know how to make use of gemstones, diamonds or other valuable metals? Do you have amazing designs for jewellery, rings, necklaces and other jewellery pieces? If you've answered the above questions with yes then you must enrol in our jewellery design courses in Chandigarh. It is believed that Gems and Jewellery designing are one of the fastest-growing industries in India and bring in lots of foreign currency into the country. The people of today are conscious of their clothes and how they dress. Jewellery that was once mostly used to invest in has been transformed into a fashion statement. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for designers with a flair who create striking pieces of jewellery for a variety of situations and moods. There is also an increasing need for a qualified jewellery designer in the fashion industry to design and create jewellery for fashion shows, as well as for retail.

About the Manual Jewellery designing course:

Manual Jewellery designing is the practice of creating distinctive Jewellery designs by hand. One can use this technique to pour out their unique ideas and creations on a blank piece of paper. In this manner, one can plan, communicate and enhance abstract ideas. A formal manual designing course enables students to hone their skills and explore bounds of creativity which leads them to develop a holistic approach in the Jewellery industry.

Why should you enroll in Jewellery designing course:

Sketching an idea on paper seems quite manageable. However, the skill sets demanded from a professional Jewellery designer include good communication skills, visual imagination, an eye for detail, adequate knowledge of past and present market trends, creativity, and the knowledge of different metals, gems and manufacturing . A manual Jewellery designing course trains students to meet these industry-level requirements. All you need is a passion for Jewellery designing and a burning desire to learn.

Why COJ Academy

Fabricating, crafting or rendering designs for Jewellery
Study course designed in conjunction with the needs of the modern jewellery design industry
100% practical course – know how the real market functions, estimation, budgeting, etc.
Expert teaching faculty with years of experience in the industry
Self paced learning and individual attention provided to every student
Constant professional guidance and feedback throughout the course
Industry/ Market visit such as field trips/ mines/ museums/ exhibitions/ manufacturing units/ workshops
Focus on refining individual creativity of each student as against a herd approach.
Business / startup advisory as well as professional advise including placement assistance

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  • Understanding Jewellery design and Jewellery artistry
  • Introduction to Elements and Principles of Jewellery design


  • Freehand Sketching of different types of shapes and forms found in nature.
  • Inspiration from various elements, Developing skills of turning inspiration into ideas.
  • Visualization & Representation of Ideas on paper
  • Use of simple tools for effective design
  • Improving designing and sketching speed.
  • Motif Study


  • Technical aspects of Jewellery mechanism
  • Technical drawing & Geometry
  • Drafting techniques to design Jewellery


  • Various types of settings
  • Designing various forms of Jewellery like ring, pendant, earring, necklace and many more
  • Variation in Jewellery


  • Color Aesthetics & Philosophy
  • Color Rendering & Application to Jewellery Designs
  • Render faceted gems stones, cabochons, and pearls
  • Rendering and texturing on metal
  • Finding & Fittings


  • Indian and International Market styles
  • Sourcing and Creating new innovative jewellery designs
  • Budget designing according to industry requirements.
  • Creating own professional industry portfolio to be competitive in the designer market of today.
  • Concept of branded Jewellery.


  • Cultural background of design to modern trends & styles in design
  • Theme based designing
  • Fusion & Changeable Jewellery
  • Trend analysis of Jewellery
  • Upcoming Markets


  • Metallurgy with calculations of different purity gold.
  • Alloy in different Karat purity


  • Preview of diamonds from melee – star to solitaires & gemstones with different shapes and sizes
  • Stone weight calculations


  • Client management
  • Budgeting & Costing of Jewellery design
  • Design as per clients requirements (Customised Jewellery)


  • Presentation capabilities & Marketing
  • Professional Portfolio for Jewellery industry
  • Working on projects


  • Examination and submission of projects
  • Lifetime access to course updates through ‘Learnathon’


1What is the eligibility criteria to enrol in the COJ Jewellery Design course?

The applicant for COJcourses should have higher H.S.C. or equivalent to 10 + 2. Also, all courses are conducted in English language only. Hence, proficiency in English language is required. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

2I do not have a background in the gem and jewellery industry. Is this programme right for me?

A COJ Academy focuses on teaching from the grass root level regardless of whether you have a gem and jewellery industry connection or not. Many of our students do not have any background in the industry. Not only have they successfully completed the program, but several of our students have flourished either by starting their own ventures or working for established names in the industry. The Jewellery Design course helps you prepare in turning your inspirations into designs. You’ll learn drafting, shading, design theory, how to illustrate shape and form using several mediums, and more. Plus, successfully completing the COJ Academy Jewellery Design certificate course opens up numerous avenues to explore as career paths including jewellery designer, hand renderer, sales associate, technical designer, jewellery business owner, and more.

3I wanted to learn about the curriculum of the COJ Academy Jewellery Design course. Are topics such as European designs, jewellery pricing and jewellery manufacturing covered in this course?

In this intensive nine-week course, instructors teach creative and technical hand-rendering skills needed to begin a career as a custom jewellery designer. Jewellery design theory helps students acquire a working knowledge of jewellery artistry. Skills covered include: illustrating the shape, form and texture of metal; working with drafting tools; and rendering yellow and white metals as well as a range of faceted and cabochon gemstones and pearls. Instructors show how to illustrate rings in five different views and how to keep design ideas flowing. At the completion of this course, you will have a hand-developed portfolio of your work and a digital copy to show prospective employers and clients.

4 My drawing skills are not great, but I’m keen to take up jewellery designing. Will I still be able to learn design?

Yes. In the COJ Jewellery Design course, we cover basics like drawing a line and advance towards drawing and rendering complex forms of jewellery pieces. Many students from non-designing background have enrolled for this course and have done well in their careers.

5Will I get help in developing my own portfolio?

Yes. Every student is required to design a portfolio, during which they are guided at each and every step – starting from selecting an inspiration and measurements to the rendering and filing of the designs for display.


Develop sources of inspiration

Understand Jewellery design theory and artistry

Illustrate shape, form, and texture of metal

Render faceted gems, pearls, colored metals, etc.

Learn traditional drafting techniques

Develop motifs to create sketches of Jewellery objects